My Beehives 2011

The bees are in their new homes and im about done building beehives for the season. Its been a busy Spring and im looking forward to the honey flow now.I have 5 more hives to build for folks in PA and TX.

I thought id take a moment to Thank You all who got beehives from me this yr and I look forward to building again in the Fall for next yr. Lets keep it natural and chemical-free. Thanks



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About kenny61

Builder of Top Bar Beehives and mentor to new beekeepers across the USA

3 responses to “My Beehives 2011”

  1. Miranda says :

    Would like for you to email me more information on shipping costs and details on your top bar bee hives. Also do you sell the chicken coops? I love the look of both.

  2. Dan says :

    I sent you an email tonight asking if you’re still building TBHs for spring 2011 – I hope so! I have a package coming in 8 days and built a hive that will suffice, but I’m not satisfied with how it turned out (electrical work is much more my forte than carpentry!). Hope to hear from you.

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