Good for the Garden…Great for the Bees….

Building beehives and keeping busy…Holiday sales are good…What better gift then a new BeeHive?? Message me with any questions or for prices and options available..Thanks



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About kenny61

Builder of Top Bar Beehives and mentor to new beekeepers across the USA

5 responses to “Good for the Garden…Great for the Bees….”

  1. Karl Harper says :

    I like your design, and the lumber is beautiful. Are they three feet or four feet long?
    Have you put legs on them?

    • kenny61 says :

      Hi Karl, Thanks for the comment and the kind words. My hives are around 43 inches long with the interior of the hives about 36 inches. I have 25 top bars in these hives. Ive put a few on legs but the ground here is soft and a good soaking can make these hives sink into the ground due to the weight of them. I prefer setting them on cinde blocks inside of cement mixing tubs. Filled with water, the cement mixing tubs help to keep the ants out.

  2. Hailey says :

    Hi Kenny!
    I’m interested in the prices for your top bar hives. Would you be able to ship to Wyoming? Your hives look great!

    • kenny61 says :

      Hi Hailey,
      I ship these hives all over the lower 48. They are all made with sawmill wood close to an inch thick and can be heavy. I shipped one to Los Altos, CA and it cost almost $140 to ship it. Ive been shipping hives in 2 boxes lately and saving some money that way. My standard Pine hives are $150. Options I offer are Cypress Wood +$70, Observation Windows +$30 and Internal Feeders +$25. Anyone ordering a cypress hive with a window will get a free internal feeder. I also sell them on Ebay for $25 more but if you give me your zip code i can get you a shipping quote. Thanks


      • Linda says :

        Kenny — beautiful! — would your hives be suitable for central Florida gulf coast climate? — price for standard pine hive with window to 33707? — thank you , Linda

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