New Hives are Heading Out The Door

Thanks everyone for the kind words you have given me towards my hive design..Im Building hives everyday and taking orders..I have a shipping calculator if anyone wants one shipped anywhere in the continental USA please feel free to contact me…



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About kenny61

Builder of Top Bar Beehives and mentor to new beekeepers across the USA

3 responses to “New Hives are Heading Out The Door”

  1. Vic Langston says :

    I love the Christmas present Becky got me…..your top bar hive. Now, just waiting for April and the first Bee’s to move in. I’ll keep in touch. Thanks.

    • kenny61 says :

      Hi Vic.
      Thanks for the kind words. I hope you guys had a great Christmas. If you need bees for the hive my friend Ben is taking orders for April pick up in Raleigh…keep in touch

      • Vic Langston says :

        Already placed the order. Took one phone call, guess I got lucky. Looking forward to April have a safe New Year.

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