Cypress Has Arrived-2010 Top Bar Hive Building Begins

Well…Some of this years Cypress Wood has arrived straight from the sawmill..This is some of the prettiest wood ive ever seen..Should make some beautiful BeeHives


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About kenny61

Builder of Top Bar Beehives and mentor to new beekeepers across the USA

3 responses to “Cypress Has Arrived-2010 Top Bar Hive Building Begins”

  1. Marshall T. Slotterbach says :

    How long is your hive and how many top bars are in it?
    Please reply to my email above.

  2. Steve says :

    How do you make your top bars? Is that a piece of trim glued to the underside? I’m going to build several hives this winter and definitely want the triangular shape instead of a small rib for the bees to start building on. Thanks.

  3. kenny61 says :

    Hi Steve..Instead of spending countless hours making top bar hives ive enlisted a friend with a CNC machine to start cutting hives for me and standardizing them..the top bars i make are all one glue, no popsicle sticks and no tacked triangles..i run the top bars through a 2 blade routering machine that cuts them in two passes instead of 5 passes it would take on a table saw..Being one piece i dont worry much about them coming apart or the pieces seperating..Thanks

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