Awesome Harvest from My Friend in California

Way to go JD..awesome first time harvest in a Bee_Green_NC top bar beehive


About kenny61

Builder of Top Bar Beehives and mentor to new beekeepers across the USA

2 responses to “Awesome Harvest from My Friend in California”

  1. Jason Davila says :

    Thanks for the help Kenny. If you weren’t there (on speakerphone) I would have been flying blind. 23 out of 25 bars were completely built out by July 15 (start april 17). I believe we harvested 4 bars as those were the only ones fully capped. I had a blast. Cant wait to do it again as i made some mistakes (honey everywhere, dead bees) that i want to redeem myself of.

    • kenny61 says :

      Hi Jason..youve become quite the beekeeper..i envy the beautiful place you live and the honey you get is some of the best ive ever had..I only wish more of the people i encounter in my everyday beekeeping were as kind and generous as you are!!Keep Up The Great Work!!As time goes on it will get easier but it will always be as fun…when the fun goes away its time to give up beekeeping

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