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New Bees In the Apiary..Friends or Foes

So…ive been noticing new bees on and in my hives..these bees are different looking from the bees i know..hey are similar in size but of a different color…their abdomens are almost completely black with small tan stripes unlike the Italians i have already…further hive inspections may reveal the source of these bees..ill let yall know the progress


Awesome Harvest from My Friend in California

Way to go JD..awesome first time harvest in a Bee_Green_NC top bar beehive

The Honey is Flowing in NC

Sunday July 11, 2010 and the honey flow has started and seems to be strong…one of my weaker hives appeared to be being robbed yesterday by some larger drone bees that were of a different color from my bees..I reduced the entrance and i hope that will solve the problem..ive included some pictures for you all to see..