Top Bar Beehives…Natural Chemical-Free Beekeeping

I look forward to many new questions…lets help save the bees from the perils they face!


About kenny61

Builder of Top Bar Beehives and mentor to new beekeepers across the USA

8 responses to “Top Bar Beehives…Natural Chemical-Free Beekeeping”

  1. pannolan says :

    Hello Kenny…just found your blog from bwrangler. I’m in N. Florida, not far. I share a traditional hive with a friend and we have recently built a topbar for our house, don’t have the bees yet. Look forward to hearing more about beekeeping in the south…we have friends who live NW of Asheville so we are up that way every blue moon. Regards!

  2. kenny61 says :

    let me know in advance when youre coming through and youre more then welcome to come see the bees


  3. Crystal says :

    Hi kenny61..i saw your blog and im intrigued by your Top Bar Hive Design. I have seen many TBH’s on the Internet and i really like the design you have. I live in Ga and would like to purchase one of your hives. What do you charge for a TBH and what kind of woods do you use? Can you send me your contact info, or post it here so we can discuss this further? Since you are in NC we can discuss me picking up one of your top bar hives if shipping is going to be too expensive. I think its wonderful what you are doing for the bees and you build some of the prettiest hives ive ever seen.Thanks

    • kenny61 says :

      Hi Crystal..thank you for your kind comments i appreciate them..i make a lot of my top bar hives every year and always sell out of the Cypress hives as theyre more durable and will outlast any of the other woods that i use..if you would like to contact me regarding purchasing one of my hives you can email me at and we can discuss the options available and the prices i charge for my hives..they are rather heavy, usually around 80 pounds..i have shipped them as far as california from NC but that cost neary 130 dollars for shipping alone..i intend to break hives down in the future for better shipping rates and easier packaging..since youre in GA it might be less expensive to come pick up a hive or make arrangements to meet me half way which wouldnt be a problem..thanks again for your kind words and i look forward to speaking with you soon…kenny

      • Crystal says :

        Hi Kenny. I really like your hives and would like to order 2 of the cypress hives for myself here in GA. I have looked at a lot of beehives on the internet and yours are some of the best looking ones ive seen. I am going to be in NC the first week of September and would like to make arrangements to pick them up at that time.Please let me know what i need to do to make the deposit for the hives.Thank you for your time and i look forward to beekeeping in my new Top Bar Bee Hives and hopefully all the honey i will get.

      • kenny61 says :

        Hi Crystal…I sent specifics for the hives and deposit to your email address..i appreciate your kind words and look forward to hearing from you in the future regarding your new hives which i hope you enjoy as much as i do..Top Bar Beehives are a wonderful way to raise bees in a Natural Chemical-Free way..I only hope that more people will see their worth in the future and continue to raise colonies of bees in a chemical-free way, whether it be in my hives or any other hive design out there..thanks again


  4. kenny61 says :

    Hi seeing a lot of traffic on this blog and i hope you all like what youre seeing…If anyone has any questions for me i answer hundreds of questions every month and enjoy speaking to old and new beekeepers alike regarding Top Bar Beehives and BeeKeeping in a Natural Chemical-Free hive..I also have a bunch of pictures if anyone would like to see some..bee well everyone…

  5. kenny61 says :

    Hi Everyone..Im still learning about blogging so bare with me here..ive added some new picture so i hope everyone enjoys them..The bee picture isnt mine but i thought it wouldmake a nice learning toold for anyone who was interested…thanks and let me know what you think


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