Some New Hives Ive Built for the 2012 Season

Hi All,

I thought I would post some pictures of the Hives Ive been building. Some beautiful Cypress Wood is now Available. Thanks



Starting New Beehives for 2012

Hi everyone. Thanks for looking at my posts on this blog site. Im starting a new year in hive building. Ive ordered my Cypress wood for this year.

Anyone wanting to order a new hive or two from me can contact me using the Ordering tab above.

My Beehives 2011

The bees are in their new homes and im about done building beehives for the season. Its been a busy Spring and im looking forward to the honey flow now.I have 5 more hives to build for folks in PA and TX.

I thought id take a moment to Thank You all who got beehives from me this yr and I look forward to building again in the Fall for next yr. Lets keep it natural and chemical-free. Thanks


New Hives For The Week… This is some beautiful wood

Thanks everyone who’s ordered a hive from me. Ive been very busy building and im still taking orders. Here are some pictures of my latest hives ive built.

Too Much Snow For NC!!!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and that the New Year brings you  Peace and Love. Thanks to everyone who has ordered a new beehive from me and i hope the orders keep coming. I have 1500 sq ft of Cypress Wood at my shop and im making hives for beekeepers across the country. The hives are also on Ebay but you can save money by ordering from me right here…Thanks all


From Beehives to Butcher Blocks…

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season and I for one cant wait till its over for the year..Ive been using my down time in the shop to make some beautiful Butcher Block Cutting boards..enjoy the pictures..anyone wanting to order one, message me for prices and options available..thanks for looking